the fertometer is a great birthday present!

Original gift idea - great birthday present

Birthday Present Idea

Here's a great gift, a birthday present for the person in your life who loves plants and flowers. A useful tool, an unique easy to use device that makes caring for and tending house plants and flowers easier and fun.
How can you tell if your house plants need fertilizer? The Fertometer makes it easy. It is a simple device that shows you in a few seconds, with a red green or yellow light, if your plant needs fertilizing or not. The simple, included directions make it a snap.
The Fertometer makes a great present that any one can afford. For only 25 Euros, you can have a professional tool that gives you real results in just seconds.
This could be the perfect birthday gift, a unique present for your favorite plant lover.

Great Wedding Gift

The Fertometer could be a great wedding gift for a plant filled home. It takes the guess work out of plant care. People who love plants would be thrilled to receive it for a 25th or 50th wedding anniversary.
The Fertometer is an easy, simple to use tool that can last for many years and give great satisfaction for all plant lovers and hobbyists.
The original Fertometer is always a great gift idea and you can buy it on line at

Christmas present idea

Santa Claus is coming with a great gift idea for you! The Fertometer is an amusing, original surprise every one can use.
This year, finding a unique Christmas present for your friends who love plants can be easy! The Fertometer is an original gift idea that will please plant lovers and horticultural hobbyists with its original simplicity.
The Fertometer measures the amount of fertility in the soil of a potted plant and tells you in a few seconds, by its easy to read lights, whether you need to add fertilizer or not.

Valentines Day Gift

You can give your loved one flowers on Valentines Day, but with the easy to use Fertometer, the flowers and plants you give to show your affection, will last a lot longer if you give a Fertometer to help your loved one care for them.

Mother's Day or Father's Day

A Fertometer is the perfect gift for Mothers Day or Fathers Day. Dad could use the Fertometer in his green house and Mom will love you for making her life so much easier with her flowers. This is the perfect affordable gift for the plant lover in your life!

Unique Business Gift

Finding an original, business gift can be difficult. To make the impression you want, an unique item that is innovative and technical can become the basis for a long lasting business relationship.
The stylishly packaged Fertometer, with its simple instructions is always a great idea that reflects both the intelligence of the giver and the receiver as well.
A gift that will perhaps help both plants and relationships grow together.