The Fertometer gives feeding advice for potted plants.

If a potted plant is not growing or flowering well, then this is often caused by wrong fertilisation. You might ask yourself if you have to add fertiliser now or, on the contrary, if you have already added too much fertiliser? The Fertometer ends this uncertainty!

Do I need to fertilize my potted plant?

Drive the pin of the Fertometer all the way into the soil and push the button

One of the lights will show:

Do not add fertilizer: there is enough or even too much nutrient supply
Fertilization OK: you may add fertilizer to keep up your feeding supply
Take care! Add fertilizer: feed supply is low in potting soil

A few conditions are significant for a good measurement:

  • To get a reliable test result it is important that the potting soil is uniformly wet! If that is not the case, then water your plant first and wait at least 30 minutes before measuring. It is a good idea to water your plants in the morning and measure in the afternoon.

  • Take care that the pin is clean before measuring.

  • The best results are obtained at temperatures between 18 and 23 C.

  • It is important to clean the pin after use and to store your Fertometer in a dry place to prevent it from oxidisation. If the metal of the pin starts to get dull you can clean it carefully with a slightly wet sponge or a soft scouring pad and dry it with a soft cloth.

  • Never leave the Fertometer standing in the soil!

For bigger pots or containers several measurements in different spots are recommended. Three to five tests will give you a good average of total available nutrients.

It is recommended to repot or to plant in bigger containers with new potting compost in springtime. Old potting soil gradually collects all kind of salts (recognisable as a white crust at the rim of the pot) which finally results in the salinisation of the plant. The leaves will become yellow and the plant stops growing.

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The Fertometer uses a flat 9V battery type 6LR61 (not supplied). To test the battery push the button. The yellow light will show. If the light does not come on or flickers the battery is flat.

The Fertometer is not suitable for liquids.